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The Online Presence Of Your Business

According to the Entrepreneur.com, creating an online presence is the most important thing for today’s entrepreneurs. An article on the same site further points out that the most important elements of a website are; aesthetics, functionality, relevancy, freshness, and SEO optimization.

If an online presence is the first priority, the second priority should be SEO

More than 70% of internet users ignore the paid ads and focus on the organic results. That means that SEO optimization has a better ROI than paid advertisements. SEO will give your website free organic traffic for life. As for internet advertisements, you pay for them. Once your budget is exhausted, you no longer get traffic. If you want to be successful with SEO, you need to find a good SEO firm.

People Spend a Good Part of Their Day Online

Nowadays, many people spend a lot of time online. Most people are constantly on social media. At any moment, there are millions of people all over the world using search engines. Thus, your business should have an online presence because that is where you are likely to find potential customers.

People Should Easily Find Your Business Online

Being present online is not enough. It should be possible for people to find your business online. That makes it necessary to have SEO optimized web assets because most people usually use search engines to locate business services. An SEO firm will optimize your various virtual assets for search engines.

Your Website: The Core of SEO

The center of your online presence and SEO should be your business website. All your virtual assets should link to your website. You need to have a professionally designed website. Having a website is the first step. The next step is populating the website with content and not just any type of content but SEO optimized content. An SEO firm will provide your site with SEO content that will help your business to rank.

In SEO, Content is King

Content can either help or ruin your SEO efforts. With Beyond Ink SEO, you will obtain content that ranks. Beyond Ink SEO will provide your business with content that is SEO friendly. Such content will have the right keywords and will link to other virtual assets around the web.

Making Web Content to Rank

For content to rank, it has to have inbound links from highly trusted authorities. That means that authority figures all over the web have to mention your web content so that it can attain a good ranking. By mentioning your content, they give you links and SEO ranking is all about links.

An SEO firm like Beyond Ink SEO will make your content to rank in the following ways:

  • First, the most important thing that will help content to rank is to have high-quality engaging content. Longer content ranks better than shorter content. An SEO firm will create a 1,000 words authoritative, engaging, and conversational web content. Such content will engage audiences. An important ranking factor is content engagement.
  • The firm will solicit guest post opportunities with top blogs and websites. Once a request is accepted, a writer of the firm will create a high-quality article and publish it on the guest site with a link pointing back to your website. That will result in increased ranking.
  • Beyond Ink SEO will solicit social media mentions of your site or your site’s content from top authority figures. Google usually considers social media signals.

SEO is Two Parts

The first part is On Page SEO. This is everything that you do on your website. The second part is off page SEO. This is everything that you do outside your website.

On Page SEO Checklist

On-page SEO is important. You need to optimize everything on your website. Make sure you have done the following in relation to on page SEO.

  • The title tag is the most important on-page SEO factor. The target keyword should be closer to the beginning of the title tag.
  • You should make your URL’s to be SEO friendly.
  • Your title should have a tag.
  • Add modifiers such as “review”, “guide”, “best”, and “2017”, to your title. This will make it easy to rank for long tail versions of a target keyword.
  • The first 100 words of your content should have the target keyword.
  • Your content should have outbound links.
  • Optimize images; your images should have an Alt Text that has the target keyword.
  • You should post long content.
  • All your subheadings should have H2 tags.
  • You should use multimedia such as diagrams, images, and videos.

The Bottom-Line

Ignoring SEO will cost your business. Most likely, your competitors are already doing aggressive SEO. If you want an aggressive SEO strategy that will give your business a competitive edge, you should contact Beyond Ink SEO.